Thursday, December 16, 2010

Online suit review part 2:

I wasn't on planning on writing this today as I didn't think I'd have anything to write about yet. My suit, however, arrived a mere nine days after I placed the order. Nine days seems like a very short amount of time considering Shanghai was the first point on it's online tracking system.

The suit itself is acceptable for the price it was. There are a few disappointing points that I have to bring to attention. Firstly, the fabric. I know I chose the lowest quality but this was even rougher than I expected. I will take some solice in the fact that, judging by the feel, it should stand up to some tough treatment. The colour of the blue is pretty basic and is slightly darker than the online picture would suggest but not so far off that I would be annoyed.

As I said in the first part of this review I ordered a three piece so I'd have a a waistcoat and trousers if the jacket was off. You will understand how annoyed I was then to find that the waistcoat was little more than two pieces of fabric sewn together. There seems to be absolutely no construction to it whatever. This is especially annoying as it is a double breasted style so it's quite apparent (to me anyway).

The jacket fits quite well but the sleeves are not as narrow as I thought they'd be. They gave me the option to put in my bicept and wrist measurements, an option which I availed of and yet there isn't all that much evidence of it in the jacket. The shoulders are far too built up for me but this may be a personal problem as I have quite broad and square shoulders. Other than these points the fit is really quite nice and I will be emailing them to see if they can address these issues if I were to order from them again. I will also make a quick point about the buttons. They are truly awful. I'm not sure I could find such low quality pieces of plastic if I tried. I might buy some replacements and fix the matter myself.

I mentioned that I succumbed to temptation and ordered a shirt along with the suit simply because it was there. The shirt was far more successful and I can't complain about it at all. It cost €36 and fits very well all over. The fabric is of acceptable quality and the colour and style are true to the online presentation. The collar is maybe a little large but it is by such a small margin that no one would notice (it is truly a matter of a millimeter or two).

In summary I think I will be ordering at least another couple of shirts from them and if they tell me they can address the issues I have with the fit then I may be tempted by another suit. It will definitely be a two piece though, I will not be buying another three piece from them. I might also see what their higher quality fabrics are like.

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